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Touring Europe in the Digital Transformation of the Future Healthcare Sector

The Health Innovation Centre of Southern Denmark have been on a tour to visit European partners to share knowledge on digital health solutions and inspire local regions to implement more digital solutions into their health care.

In the beginning of the summer 2022, Health Innovation Centre of Southern Denmark toured Europe to visit four “next adopters” as a part of the EU-project JadeCare.

The purpose of the tour was to support the advancement of best practice from “early adopters” (such as the Region of Southern Denmark) to “next adopters” that are going to take place between the 48 health actors involved in the project, as the project moves forward. This is being done through e.g. seminars, workshops, study visits, meetings, specialised mentoring and more.

Spain, the Czech Republic, and Brussels

During the tour, the Health Innovation Centre of Southern Denmark visited first Murcia and Seville in Spain. Here, the focus was on sharing the knowledge on best practice focusing on the digital rehabilitation portal Genoptræn|DK and TeleKOL.

Afterwards the tour went on to a partnership meeting in Brussels. Kuno Kudajewski represented the Region of Southern Denmark and gave a speech on best practice digital solutions that can help secure coherent health courses across different sectors.

Finally, the tour was ended in Olomouc, Czech Republic, where the focus was on technological communication within the psychiatric sector, more specifically the usage of video consultation in the psychiatry. Malene Anni Lagoni from the Centre of Digital Psychiatry, the Psychiatry of the Southern Region of Denmark, was with us as a support. On this matter, she said:

- We are happy to be able to share our experience on the working with video consultations in the psychiatry. At the same time, it is a chance for us to learn more about the other countries’ work and challenges with this that in many ways are similar to our own. When we share knowledge, we can make each other’s efforts improve, which in turn can strengthen the local efforts on implementation and advancing of digital opportunities.   

Collaborative focus within the EU on digital support to integrated care

JadeCare (”Joint Action on the implementation of Digitally Enabled integrated person-centred care”) support European health systems in the transformation towards digitally supported coherent healthcare. The 48 health actors involved in the project share knowledge across the 19 European countries that are part of the project, to help spread digitally integrated health solutions.

In the beginnings of the project, The European Commission selected four ‘best practices’, among these were the Region of Southern Denmark. As such, the Health Innovation Centre of Southern Denmark became the leader of the work package “WP8 – Digital roadmap towards an integrated health care sector” and was selected to the management-team in this complex project.

The JadeCare project runs from December 2020 – December 2023, and is initiated and financed by the European Commission.  


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