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The Green Transition

committed to decreasing their climate impact in terms of reducing CO2 emissions and other greenhouse gasses and moving towards a more circular economy.

The healthcare sector is responsible for 6% of the collected emission of greenhouse gasses in Denmark.

The Danish regions have set out ambitious goals in order to achieve climate neutrality and full circularity. In order to achieve these goals, the regions have set demands for the hospitals to contribute to the green transition.

In the Region of Southern Denmark, the hospitals have set out action plans and are launching several initiatives and innovation projects to support the goal of decreasing the climate- and environmental impact of hospital operations.

The Health Innovation Centre of Southern Denmark experiences an increased need and demand for support for innovation projects and other initiatives related to the green transition.

The Health Innovation Centre supports the hospitals with:

Project management e.g.:

  • Specify, plan and describe projects
  • Support project management of innovation projects
  • Apply for funding.

User involvement and needs-driven development e.g.:

  • Mapping and understanding processes, workflows, needs and contexts in daily operations
  • Involving users and other stakeholders
  • Innovation perspective in relation to development of services and solutions
  • Analysing the potential for solutions and scenarios.

Behaviour and change management e.g.:

  • Change management
  • Behavioural design
  • Communication and information material (e.g. videos, graphic material, and reports).

Partnerships e.g.:

  • Establishing external partnerships across value chains, knowledge levels, and hospitals
  • Facilitating collaboration

Communication/Knowledge Centre e.g.:

  • Bringing together relevant stakeholders for events with a focus on networking and knowledge sharing
  • Sharing knowledge on initiatives and results (for decision makers, clinicians, citizens and more).


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