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Digital Skills

The future of healthcare is digital. And there is a need for healthcare professionals with digital skills.

Digitalisation is expanding in our society; the same thing goes for the healthcare system. At the Health Innovation Centre of Southern Denmark, we contribute to the development and employment of digital skills.

It is our goal to strengthen the digital skills of the healthcare professionals in our municipalities and at our hospitals. Amongst many other things, our focus is on understanding the technology, the application of digital technologies and digital communication with the citizens in relation to treatment, care and rehabilitation.

Our goal is to make the patients and citizens feel safe when using the technological opportunities available to them, so that they become better at mastering their own health.

We offer:

  • A preliminary meeting discussing the ideas and needs for your project
  • Support in both the development of digital skills and course materials for courses targeted hospitals and municipalities
  • Aid in creating a long-term plan for implementation
  • Collaboration on creating a generic or individual syllabus, focusing on running the courses via local manpower
  • A thoroughly tested course where digital skills are gained through knowledge, abilities and mind-set.


Linda Justi


Brugercentreret Innovation

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