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Facts regarding our facilities

Our physical facilities and what they can be used for.

  • 1900 m2 distributed across our two halls, User lab and Health lab, where ideas, products and mock-ups can be developed and user tested in a 1:1 scale
  • Plug and Play a test environment with four rooms that illustrate the citizen’s own home, the general practice, the hospital, and the municipal home care. Plug and Play are used for demonstrating and testing the technological healthcare solutions before they are implemented
  • Smaller rooms for project work or meetings
  • Lounging areas, perfect for chatting and knowledge sharing
  • Quiet corners to immerse yourself into your work
  • A professional technological setup for online, hybrid or physical conferences with sound and images
  • A well-equipped garage where our creative artisans build not only finished solutions, but also prototypes and mock-ups for further testing and development

The facilities make it possible to:

  • Test the technological healthcare solutions prior to implementation
  • Incorporate and execute user involvement and user testing in a different set of contexts
  • User testing among employees, patients and the relatives in regards to daily flows and environment, so as to prevent possible mistakes and enable the users to get used to the new conditions
  • Build a room via Styrofoam, cardboard boxes and lines drawn on the floor to test the functionality of a work flow
  • Execute e.g. scenery training to clarify whether or not a certain solution can contribute to easier daily flows for patients and/or healthcare professionals
  • Hold events or conferences that focus on knowledge sharing and networking.


Anne Bach Stisen


Styring, Udvikling og Viden

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