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Involvement and Quality in Rehabilitation

The project has terminated.


Involvement and quality in rehabilitation project is based on and is a future development of a Virtual Guide to Rehabilitation project. 

The project focuses on knee pain, also known as patellofemoral pain syndrome (PFPS). Patients with PFPS alternate between treatment in the hospital setting and rehabilitation in municipalities, without experiencing a substantial improvement in PFPS. Involvement and Quality in Rehabilitation project aims to improve training exercises to citizens with PFPS.

As many patients with knee pain tend to be young and active in diverse types of sport, it is expected virtual guides to training exercises will appeal to this age group as will reporting patient own outcomes. Therefore, it is an unique opportunity to further develop on Virtual Guide in Rehabilitation project concept with patient reported outcomes (PRO-data) combine training exercises with patient reported outcomes (PRO data) tools to generate high quality rehabilitation to patients with PFPS.

The project aims to

Support patients with PFPS, through high quality training exercises guided using PRO-data.
Give a higher degree of patient involvement and understanding of their care pathways in addition to improving rehabilitation outcomes for patients with PFPS.

The project will be realized by the use of workshops with citizens and physiotherapists participation, development of technological solutions, and production of training videos, citizen information material, testing, adapting and evaluation, hereafter dissemination of results.

The project offers patients with knee pain the possibility to self-training in the comfort of their own home as patients are guided by short instructions videos on the virtual guide to rehabilitations website.
A typical pathway will ensure patients discharged from hospitals meets with a physiotherapists working in the municipalities to plan individual training pathways.

The Health Innovation is involved in coordinating workshops with citizens and physiotherapists, developing technological solution, production of videos and information material to citizens as well as testing, evaluation and disseminating results of the project.

The project is in partnership with the Health Innovation Centre of Southern Denmark (Project Coordinator) and Department of Orthopedics (Project Leader), Kolding Hospital, Denmark alongside close working relations with municipalities regarding rehabilitation services.


Anna-Britt Krog

Specialkonsulent, udviklingskoordinator, (Programleder for Det Digitale Sundhedscenter)

Brugercentreret Innovation

30 43 31 72 Anna-Britt Krog på LinkedIn