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SmartCare – Better Care for Citizens in Their Own Home

SmartCare is the name of a large EU project with 23 regional partners. The project will focus on integrated care, cross sector communication, and a more efficient approach towards health and care of citizens with a chronic condition. In Denmark, Shared Care, a multifunctional and open ICT platform will be implemented. Shared Care supports the delivery of health benefits in the citizens’ home.

Shared Care consists of the integration between the social - and healthcare sector that will benefit patients with a chronic condition. The integration between the social and health sectors will ensure a beneficial collaboration between these sectors. The goal for the project is for chronically ill citizens to control their own disease and for them to stay longer in their own home.

10 of the regional partners are pilots in the project and the goal for these pilot regions is to define a number of common standards for the functional specifications for an open ICT platform.

The evaluation method MAST (Model for Assessment of Telemedicine) will be used in the SmartCare project since it is developed and adapted to telecare and telemedicine.

The Region of Southern Denmark is a pilot region in the project and the goals will be reached through the implementation of Shared Care and the Shared Care platform.  

Goals for the project

  • Implement and validate 10 European regions’ SmartCare services (ICT based support for integrated health, care, and self-care for various health areas in relation to the patient pathways) and the underlying organisational models.
  • Create multi-dimensional evidence on the effect of integrated care for all stakeholders in a common evaluation perspective that can be transferred to other regions in Europe.
  • Develop guidelines and specifications for the procurement, organisation, and implementation of ICT building blocks that support integrated care.
  • Elaborate the plans for sustaining operation of SmartCare services in the participating regions. This will be based on the results gathered by the pilots, and considered in relation to the entire value chain.
  • Ensure the communication and dissemination of the background of the project and the project results.


Maria Hardt Schønnemann


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