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Best Practice for Active Living Solutions in the EU (CASA)

14 European partner regions have decided to collaborate to find common solutions and best practices for the roll-out of active living solutions across European countries.

9 study visits

Nine study visits across the participating countries that will cover different health- and social care related themes will show which current initiatives are the strengths of the regions when it comes to active living in the EU.

The study visits in the participating regions will be about themes like:

  • Monitoring, safety, and self-management
  • Social interaction
  • Chronic conditions
  • Healthy lifestyle and rehabilitation with ICT
  • Informal care
  • Telemedicine evaluation model
  • Mobility and liveability, integrated regional policy, business and knowledge development
  • User driven innovation through public private cooperation
  • Large scale deployment
  • Two conferences on knowledge development in new EU countries.

White paper on welfare technology

Best practice transfer will end out with the production of a white paper on assisted living, interregional political pilots, and 28 secondments of employees between the organisations aiming to embed the identified best practices. 

The purpose of CASA is to implement policies that move away from the traditional mono domain and towards horizontal work along the chain of logistics and across various departments and ministries.

At the end of the project, the participating organisations can decide to implement the learning outcomes from the exchanges of experiences in their own regional strategies. Furthermore it is the plan to formalise and legalise the interregional CASA network and open it up to a larger European platform. 


Maria Hardt Schønnemann


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