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We help seek funding and financial support for your next health innovation project.

The Health Innovation Centre of Southern Denmark aid both public and private players in procuring the means necessary for projects aimed towards improving the Danish healthcare system. We ensure that you find relevant funding opportunities for your innovation project from private funds, public pools or EU programmes.

We assist in everything from general counselling to preparing specific applications and forms, and can offer one or more of the following services:

  • Project evaluation focussing on what funds are relevant for your specific project
  • General information on Danish and international funds and other opportunities for financial support
  • Development of time schedules and a plan on how to achieve the necessary funding for your project
  • Aid in composing a Project Consortium and introduction to relevant partners in the Health Innovation Centre of Southern Denmark’s network (e.g. in relation to public-private partnerships)
  • Assistance in coordinating between different project partners
  • Preparing different applications and forms to national or international funds
  • Reading of- and guidance on specific applications and forms
  • Help to project budgeting

Feel free to contact us for further information on what opportunities we can offer your project.

We have an overview on funds and opportunities for financial support at our disposal

At Health Innovation Centre of Southern Denmark, we make sure to stay constantly informed on funds and opportunities for financial support. Thus, we have made something called a ‘funding-overview’ that is at our disposal, and is continuously updated to include the funds and opportunities for financial support currently available. This is one of the many tools our organisation uses to support hospitals, municipalities, companies and other partners we collaborate with on funding.

The overview shows possible sources of funding for health innovation projects with an application deadline in the nearest future. Feel free to contact us on more information about what funding opportunities are available for your project.

Funds without a deadline

Many funds operate without a deadline. For these, we have a separate overview on funding opportunities with a continuous deadline. Feel free to contact us on more information about these.

International funding opportunities

Our funding-overview contains most of the national funds and pools, but we can assist if you are interested in international funding opportunities within healthcare innovation as well. Otherwise we refer to the South Denmark European Office.


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