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Plug & Play Tests Innovative Solutions in a Realistic Setting

Plug & Play is a test- and demonstration lab, which supports companies, municipalities and hospitals in developing, testing and getting certification of user-driven assisted living technologies for the social- and healthcare sector.

State of the art test facilities

Plug & Play Lab offers state of the art test facilities, technical service as well as counseling on how to develop your innovative solution in order for it to fit into the standards set by the region’s healthcare services and regulations.

Our test facilities – that we call it the “Dollhouse” – offer a predefined and realistic work setting for you to test your technology in. Doing so will help you see whether any changes need to be made, or if it is ready to be implemented into the healthcare system.

To make the tests and the setting as true-to-life as possible we bring in citizens alongside healthcare personnel, place them in their specifically designed rooms – a living room for the citizen, a clinic for the clinician - and then the test is ready to take place. 


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