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Robotic Solutions for the Healthcare Sector

Are you or your company interested in a public-private partnership on robotic solutions for the Healthcare sector?

The Health Innovation Centre of Southern Denmark play a vital role in public-private innovation partnership.


  • Support partnership and cooperation between companies and the healthcare sector by building a bridge between the clinical needs of the hospitals and the companies’ robotic solutions.
  • Offer insight into challenges and needs within the healthcare sector, and we support an equal and co-creational innovative process
  • Support our partners in uncovering their needs, developing user cases, testing, evaluating, and procuring and implementing robotic solutions.

If you are interested, feel free to contact us for more information.

Together we can develop solutions that can help benefit the Danish healthcare system for the citizens and employees of the healthcare sector.


Louise Halgaard Gotfredsen


Brugercentreret Innovation

21 79 14 04 Louise Halgaard Gotfredsen på LinkedIn