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Hospital Automation

The pressure on the healthcare system is continuously increasing and automation solutions for healthcare are expected to play a vital role in the future healthcare system.

Because of the demographic development, hospitals are in increasing need of warm hands to deliver high-quality health care services to more and more citizens. Simultaneously, they experience challenges in recruiting and maintaining employees. As a result, the pressure on the current personnel continuous to rise and negatively affect not only the quality of the health care services, but the well-being of the employees as well. The pressure on the healthcare professionals needs to be relieved so that they can focus on their primary task: patient care.

Automation solutions have great potential in supporting and relieving health care personnel by automatizing manual-, time-consuming and repetitive tasks.

Creating value

Hospitals are complex organisations with high demands for quality and safety.

Consequently, there needs to be a deeper understanding of how the hospital functions, its processes and how it operates to create goal-oriented automation solutions that can create value in the day-to-day running of the hospital.

It is important to develop need-driven and user centred solutions that create value by supporting and relieving the personnel in their daily functions so that they can deliver the highest quality of health care services to the citizens.

The Health Innovation Centre of Southern Denmark’s role

The Health Innovation Centre of Southern Denmark (SDSI) is the central innovation staff for the Region of Southern Denmark. Our purpose is to support the region’s hospitals and psychiatric units in their local initiatives within health innovation. Our mission is to co-create solutions for the future healthcare system in cooperation with other companies, universities and others. We have the tools necessary to achieve great insight into the needs and challenges of the hospitals with mind to their clinical limitations.

Healthcare automation projects

In healthcare automation projects, we can contribute to e.g. analysing and determining needs and potential, development processes, trial and testing, implementation and change management.

Public-Private innovation partnerships  

SDSI plays an important role in public-private innovation partnerships by matching and building bridges between the needs of the clinical services and the companies that develop new automation solutions for the hospitals. The results are solutions that create value and improve the healthcare services to benefit the citizens, employees and the healthcare sector.


In relation to automation, SDSI has a central regional role within the field of e.g. robotics. We are in the front of our network for robotics within the healthcare sector as network leaders, and we were co-organisers of the conference “Hospital Automation Summit” held in April 2022. The conference were very successful and is expected to be revisited as a yearly event.


Louise Halgaard Gotfredsen


Brugercentreret Innovation

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