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UniversAAL - International Platform for Ambient Assisted Living (AAL)

A common European platform called UniversAAL gathers 5 former AAL platforms. The Health Innovation Centre of Southern Denmark represents the Region of Southern Denmark and is responsible for the dissemination and evaluation of the results.

European platform for AAL

UniversAAL is a so-called platform project in Ambient Assisted Living (AAL), in Denmark better known as welfare technology.

5 platforms become one

The project consolidates 5 former AAL platforms in one common European solution where the future AAL solutions can be developed, identified, and acquired. The project is aimed towards developers, health professional users, buyers, and end-users who need AAL solutions.

UniversAAL is all about interoperability between the current ALL solutions on the European and international market for AAL solutions. UniversAAL is needed as a platform that gathers the various solutions that are already on the market and make them available to all. The project is among other things developing a work place for developers of universAAL solutions which is an area for buyers and a place where users (public and private) can buy and download AAL solutions and services. 

Furthermore the project is one of many partners behind the foundation of a large AAL association -  the so called AAL Open Association AALOA.

The Region of Southern Denmark represents the healthcare professionals

The Region of Southern Denmark is a project partner and primarily represents the end-users of the project e.g. nurses, doctors, buyers, relatives, and citizens. Furthermore, the Region of Southern Denmark is responsible for the end-user evaluation of the project and also the validation of the project’s work and dissemination activities.

The project is financed by the seventh framework programme FP7 in the area of ICT and Ageing. The overall EU budget for the project is 10.5 million euro.