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Partnership on Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

The Health Innovation Centre is the entrance to the region and hospitals when it comes to data and technical integration.

Artificial Intelligence in the clinical operations

Within artificial intelligence, we support the hospitals in understanding clinical challenges and needs that have potential for support from AI solutions, as well as in scoping and establishing strong and valuable projects with a complimentary combination of partners. We have extensive experience in managing complex, cross-sectorial project, including on a national scale.

Public-private innovation partnerships on AI solutions

The Centre also has a significant role in supporting public-private innovation partnerships in the region, including establishing links and building bridges between needs in the clinical operations and companies who develop new artificial intelligence solutions for healthcare.

We offer unique insights into the challenges and needs in the healthcare sector and across sectors and support collaborative innovation processes. The result is valuable solutions that improve healthcare services, to the benefit of citizens, employees and the healthcare sector.

The Health Innovation Centre has a central role in the region when it comes to artificial intelligence. Among other things, the Centre coordinates the Regional Artificial Intelligence Network (RAIN) in collaboration with the Regional IT department, the Maersk-McKinney Møller Institute at the University of Southern Denmark and CAI-X - The Danish Centre for Clinical Artificial Intelligence. Through this network, regional stakeholders meet 3-4 times a year to discuss different topics with a clinical focus. The Centre has also hosted larger AI themed conferences on a national scale.

The Centre can be a Work Package Leader or contributing partner within e.g.:

  • National Coordinator
  • Data, Model Design and – Development
  • Validation and Proof of Concept
  • Evaluation
  • Upscaling
  • Implementation and User Engagement
  • Network and Dissemination
  • Pilot Test site.

Are you interested in learning more on Partnership on artificial intelligence in healthcare? Feel free to contact Anne Friis Hansen,

Read more in our Partner profile: Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare.


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