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Our main purpose is to support the Regional Council and the Group Management in converting the regional innovation strategy into actions and value creation.

We do this by supporting the hospitals, social and psychiatric facilities as well as the pre-hospital centred area in developing their services to tackle the current and future challenges that the Danish healthcare sector are faced with.

With innovation as our central focus, our work always starts with the needs of the users and we employ co-creation to develop strong solutions that add value for the citizens and for the healthcare sector.

We support the Region of Southern Denmark in manifesting the regional innovation strategy, the region’s healthcare goals, the business development strategy and more.

We see ourselves as:

We are experts within several fields. Among these are:


Located on Funen, at Forskerparken in Odense, The Health Innovation Centre of Southern Denmark is the innovation division in the Region of Southern Denmark.

We are structured around our own management and divided into three units:

Digital solutions that support citizens’ health

The unit User centered Innovation develop, implement and advance digital healthcare solutions that support the citizens’ health in relation to prevention and rehabilitation.

Our work is centralised around digital solutions that develop and support better workflows in the healthcare sector, both public and private hospitals, municipalities, and general practices.

Visit our 'projects' site to see how our digital solutions can be used in a project.


Christian Mercado


Brugercentreret Innovation

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Anne Friis Hansen


Brugercentreret Innovation

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Innovative hospital design that supports a flexible and efficient healthcare

The unit Hospital Design (IBD) focuses on development- and innovation projects within healthcare, such as healthcare architecture, robotics interactions in daily workflows, logistics, service design, and healthcare technology.

Our work consists of different and unique tasks for hospital architecture and healthcare collaborations, where the primary focus is on supporting and advancing greater flexibility and efficiency within the healthcare sector. Paying close attention to the trends and needs of future health care, IBD facilitates environmental testing, support in implementing new workflows, and the usage of new technologies in new constructions, meant to improve the daily lives of healthcare professionals and patients.  

When it comes to implementing new health technologies, we can help create a bridge between the clinics in need and the companies that have the solution. We map out what specific challenges and barriers there might be to a solution so that we can help hospitals and suppliers better prepare for implementation, and we support co-creation and Public-Private partnership.

Visit our 'projects' site to see how our hospital design can be used in a project.


Louise Halgaard Gotfredsen


Brugercentreret Innovation

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The unit Quality and Administration is the division that supports the Health Innovation Centre of Southern Denmark (SDSI) internally. In addition, we coordinate and guard SDSI and the region’s external interests and obligations.

In this context, the external protection of interests is related to policy work within Danish Regions, national and international cooperation, and SDSI’s communicative efforts in general.

Internally, Quality and Administration supports the other two units by e.g. methods, tools, counselling, scouting new projects and improving the quality of the projects in SDSI’s care.

Quality and Administration is organised into three teams:

  • Business development that works with different areas that support the rest of the organisation, such as:
    • Funding
    • Events and delegation visits
    • Project support
    • International cooperation.
  • Economy that handles the internal financial management, and project economies such as budgeting and reporting. Additionally, this team also supports funding. The primary focus is on:
    • General financial management internally in the organisation
    • Accounting
    • Project finances.
  • The Secretariat that unified deals with different administrative tasks, both day-to-day and long-term scheduling. These are widely spread out across different areas within the organisation, such as:
    • Communication
    • Political and administrative operations
    • Graphic design
    • Secretarial- and practical assistance, and service.


Anne Bach Stisen


Styring, Udvikling og Viden

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Simon Nørregaard Jensen

Specialkonsulent, teamkoordinator

Styring, Udvikling og Viden

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