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Healthcare Architecture

Experience and knowledge on hospital service and consignment for current and future healthcare constructions within somatic, psychiatry and elderly care

We facilitate the user processes from idea to commissioning. We ask the right questions and ensure that the expectations between the stakeholders are uniform – not only when it comes to new constructions, but renovation and reconstructions as well.  

As an innovative staff with multiple years of experience within the healthcare sector, we aim at making functionality, aesthetics, service and maintenance benefit the patients, citizens and employees.

  • We combine architectural and constructional skills within healthcare construction with anthropology and service design
  • We make use of our colleagues’ knowledge on digitalization and healthcare technology
  • We facilitate and cooperate with different public organisations and private consultants.

We offer

  • Facilitating the process: cooperation and involvement of the users and stakeholders in all of the phases of the project
  • Constructional and anthropological analysis of space and interior design
  • Counselling on wayfinding, user involvement in constructions, healing architecture and re-design
  • Architectural and constructional counselling in relation to prepositioning construction programmes
  • Tests and qualification of rooms and interior: mock-ups, service design, etc.
  • Knowledge sharing: presentations on healthcare architecture within somatic, psychiatry and elderly care.    


Kristine Nielsen

Specialkonsulent, arkitekt, udviklingskoordinator

Brugercentreret Innovation

29 20 22 04