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The DELIVER Project – Status Before 2022 Summer Break

Our work on the DELIVER project (Digital EducationaL programme InvolVing hEalth pRofessionals) is progressing nicely and on time. The Intellectual Output 1, Needs analysis and Intellectual Output 2, Organizational analysis are ongoing and the partnership is currently preparing for a busy time in the fall of 2021.

The Danish Reference Group has met up for the first time. It consists of approximately 20 members who come from all parts of Denmark, all of which are active stakeholders in the digital transformation that is taking place at this moment in Denmark. The group constitutes a broad range of representatives in the quadruple helix, thus including health care providers representing local health planners and health care managers. The health care workforce is also included as well as educational institutions and professional organizations, and of course health and care receivers consisting of citizens and relatives representing low to high health care needs.

How do we assess digital competences? A central topic of discussion among us all involved in the project. Which standards do we measure up against? How do we establish what the necessary digital competences are for HCPs? These questions brought up some interesting discussions in the reference group, for instance: What are the preconditions for establishing a proper learning environment? Recognizing that practical and technological knowledge are often underestimated parameters in acquiring digital competences. Not to mention, that insight into the organizational setting and basic guidelines are crucial in order to facilitate plug & play for e.g. video consultations.

Specifically, we shall ask the reference group over the course of three years while the project is ongoing, to help us qualify the needs coverage, assistant in recruiting interviewees and respondents to questionnaire survey and help with the development of teaching materials. The reference group will be an important collaborator for the DELIVER project management team and in return, its members are set to gain additional and valuable insight from networking with powerful capacities in the field of digital transformation.

Next step on the DELIVER timeline is to arrange a pilot test on a target group survey with the objective to qualify content. Thereafter, in the fall of 2021, the actual survey of 250 HCPs in each partnership country will be conducted. Data will be analyzed and create a basis for a transnational educational programme to enhance the digital skills of HCPs and e-learning tools for HCMs.


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