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CARES - Remote Healthcare for Silver Europe

European citizens are ageing at a rapid pace and this demographic change has become one of the most serious challenges for Europe in the 21st century.

To meet this challenge, public health care systems must respond and guarantee the availability of health and care services. One way to provide these services is through telehealth solutions.

CARES addresses the challenges of securing universal access to remote health services for elderly and disabled people in European countries.

Through interregional cooperation, including exchange of experiences and good practices, the aim is to improve local and regional policies focusing on the systematic implementation of telecare and telemedicine solutions.

CARES will address three thematic domains, which at the same time are specific objectives of the project:

  1. Increased availability of telecare and telemedicine services for the European population
  2. Widespread use of innovative tools for medical care and diagnosis
  3. Greater institutional capacity through management platforms, coordination centres, staff training.

The partners are Poland, France, Austria, Sweden, Italy, Spain and Croatia. All partners will explore and map experiences with remote telehealth solutions across the three thematic domains

Study Visits Provide New Knowledge

The initial three years are dedicated to bringing together national and international telehealth stakeholders and gaining insights into how each country work both strategically and operationally.

- We are excited about learning more about telehealth from our partners and experiencing firsthand how they work and digitally support elderly citizens. The study visits enable us to establish international relationships and explore how we can utilize political levels and instruments to lay the foundation for the dissemination and scaling of telemedicine solutions. Carsten Jensen, Project Manager, The Health Innovation Centre of Southern Denmark

At each study visit, national and regional stakeholders, such as hospitals and healthcare organizations, will be invited to participate. As a result, the project has the potential to strengthen collaboration in telemedicine within each country.

The network that CARES provides will inherently strengthen our regional work with telehealth solutions. Additionally, on an international level, we will gain inspiration and be able to build networks with our partner countries. - Maria Hardt Schønnemann, Funding, The Health Innovation Center of Southern Denmark

On behalf of the Region of Southern Denmark, The Health Innovation Center of Southern Denmark will host the project’s 3rd study visit. This will be a great opportunity for regional and national stakeholders to learn about the project and successful telehealth solutions in Europe.

The Final Year

The final year of the project will consolidate experiences and knowledge, which will be used as input for regional strategies and policies. Additionally, the experiences and knowledge acquired during the project will serve as inspiration to enhance existing telemedicine services or initiate entirely new ones.

The Region of Southern Denmark is a frontrunner in telemedicine

Telemedicine and telecare solutions have already become integral parts of the healthcare system in the Region of Southern Denmark. However, in order to effectively address the challenges we will face in the coming decade, it is crucial to maintain a strategic focus on remote healthcare services and innovation.

Representing the Region of Southern Denmark in the project, The Health Innovation Centre of Southern Denmark will share exemplary "good practice" examples of telehealth solutions, strategies, and policies from our region. Additionally, we will gain valuable insights into the good practices implemented by our partner organizations.

The CARES project includes partners from Poland, France, Austria, Sweden, Italy, Spain, and Croatia.

CARES has received funding from the Interreg Europe programme.

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