Telemedicine – In touch at a distance

Long distance between healthcare professionals and patients is becoming less of a barrier to the access of healthcare because of telemedicine. What is telemedicine, how does it work and how can we take advantages of it? Which impact does it have on patients, nurses, doctors and other healthcare professionals? Do you want to know the answers? This event is just for you!

Date: Thursday October 12th 2017
Place: Health Innovation Centre of Southern Denmark (DA: Syddansk Sundhedsinnovation), Forskerparken 10, building G, 5230 Odense.
Price: The event is free to participate in however we will claim a no show fee of 350 DKK.
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The event is arranged by Colab Plug&Play and is part of WHINN 2017.

It’s aimed at students who are currently enrolled in an undergraduate, diploma or graduate programme and has the interest to know more about telemedicine.

The day offers you a presentation of telemedicine, demonstration of specific telemedicine solutions as well as case studies with innovative thinking and discussion. In collaboration with other students you will have the opportunity to present your results from case study to the responsible experts or public authorities.

The event will be conducted in Danish at CoLab Plug & Play which is a test- and demonstration environment for telemedicine, home monitoring and cross sectoral healthcare IT.

Programme 12th October 2017

Telemedicine – In touch at a distance

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