FILM – Independent Living with the Support of Robot LEA?

The SILVER project is coming to an end. Two official videos present the Dutch robot LEA (Lean Elderly Assistant), an intelligent stroller aimed at enabling elderly people to live independently in their own home for longer

The robot LEA is the result of the EU funded project SILVER where partners from The Netherlands, The UK, Finland, Sweden and Denmark have invested in a collaborative effort to develop new technologies to support elderly care.

LEA is still at a so-called ’mini-series level’, which means that it is still under development by the Dutch company behind the robot, Robot Care Systems.

The companies have been important participants in SILVER, where their overall roll has been to develop robot technology, which can support elderly people to live independently in their own home for longer.

As the European populations get older there is an increasing demand for technological solutions to ensure that the elderly can live independently in their own home for longer than is the case today. The goal is that by 2020 the new solutions implemented in elderly care can make it possible to care for 10 percent more people than today with the same number of care givers.

Testing by the Municipality of Odense and the Health Innovation Centre of Southern Denmark

Prototypes of the robot have been tested at two separate occasions by “Syddansk Sundhedsinnovation” and “Odense Kommune”.

In the spring of 2015 the first testing was conducted by the Health Innovation Center of Southern Denmark in cooperation with the Municipality of Odense as a prototype test of the robot, as well as two other competing robot technologies, to investigate the usability of the robot in relation to the target group and to identify potential safety issues.

The second testing was conducted in the spring of 2016, where the Municipality of Odense tested the robot at Ærtebjerghaven Plejecenter in relation to (future) end-users.

The Award-winning Robot, LEA

LEA has already received great recognition and in 2015 the solution received both the Herman Wijffels Innovation Award for Healthcare and the Shell LiveWire Award.

FACTS - Innovative Tender Processes through Pre-Commercial Procurement

For the development of elderly care technology the SILVER project has utilised a new innovative procurement process called Pre-Commercial Procurement, PCP. This process allows public parties to drive technological development in the direction of identified public needs.

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