Konference om Innovative velfærdsteknologiske løsninger 20. oktober 2015 i Odense

Som en del af WHINN 2015 afholder The International Foundation for Integrated Care (IFIC) en konference om velfærdsteknologiske løsninger, som understøtter integreret pleje og tværsektoriel kommunikation for mennesker med kronisk sygdom

Technology Innovations: Supporting Integrated Care at Home and in Communities

The conference is organised in partnership with EU Projects SmartCare, CareWell and BeyondSilos and in association with EIP on AHA B3 Action Group.

Integrated care requires share of information

Integrated care requires health and social care workers, from multiple professional backgrounds and different organisations, to work together - frequently through virtual platforms. ICT plays a vital role in supporting this team-oriented way of working where professionals must share information about – and with – the patient in real time so as to provide high-quality, people-centred, coordinated care.

How can new technologies support people with complex chronic needs

This conference will consider how to use new technologies to support people with complex chronic needs to live independently and well in their homes and communities. In particular, it will examine the issues in ‘how to’ deploy effective technological innovations in practice and at-scale.

Knowledge sharing for the future

The conference will feature work from EU projects Smart Care, Care Well and Beyond Silos as well as the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing B3 Action Group who will demonstrate progress and evidence impact. The conference will offer participants within these initiatives an opportunity to share learning and collaborate to move agendas forward together.

The conference will particularly look at how to develop cost-effective and high quality care pathways for people with both health and social care needs, and within that:

  • How to use information and tools to model care and project resource needs;
  • How to co-design technological innovations so they meet the needs of end users; 
  • How to build the business case for technology adoption and integrated care through evaluation; and
  • How to make change happen.

The conference is aimed at participants of the major EU projects as well as managers, health and social care professionals and academics concerned with the development of ICT to support the better management of integrated health and social care.

Se the full agenda and register on the conference webpage.

Konference om Innovative velfærdsteknologiske løsninger 20. oktober 2015 i Odense